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As usual, in cities like Montreal you will always see a wide variety of commercial signs, both in large buildings in the city center, as well as in small stores on the outskirts. Each one has the purpose of showing passers-by part of the brand identity of each place, which in addition to presenting basic information about each one, seeks to generate a visual impact that people will keep for posterity. 

Throughout history there have been commercial  signs that have remained in the hearts of all city dwellers, either for their symbolism, meaning or originality. However, we rarely take the time to ask ourselves the origin of each of these commercial signs and who is responsible for making each design perfect from start to finish. 

In Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage we have been dedicated to offer since our origins, the best services in the field of signage and commercial lighting. This has not only allowed us to create exclusive designs for our clients, but also to earn their trust and endorsement. 

That’s why today we want to introduce you to some of the reasons why you will find the best commercial signs in Montreal here at Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage.

We give expression to all your ideas through design

Our clients’ satisfaction starts from the design process. For this reason, our graphic designers are committed to materialize all your ideas through the creation of original and precise commercial signs, according to your brand identity. 

To do so, after submitting your ideas, they will work hard on various design sketches. In addition, they will make any modifications that may be necessary, in order to create unique compositions of exceptional quality for you and your business. 

We materialize each design in the manufacturing process.

Design is a very important part of a commercial sign. However, even if you have a good design, if the manufacturing is poor, you get a poor quality product.

For this reason, in addition to having designers of the highest level, at Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage we use the highest quality materials and tools for the development and manufacture of commercial signs. And this is not only true for traditional business signs. 

The luminous commercial signs also have all the certifications and validations of CSA and UL. Consequently, this makes it a safe, efficient product that complies with the regulations established by the corresponding entities. 

When the commercial signs are approved by our clients, it is time to proceed with the installation. For this, we not only take into account the efficiency, visibility and functionality of the sign, but we also take care that the finishes are aesthetically pleasing and do not interfere with the landscaping of the site. 

We prolong the life of your commercial signage

Finally, we would like to emphasize that, regardless of the design, shape or composition of the commercial signs, they all need maintenance. 

Although commercial signs are made with the ideal materials to withstand different weather conditions, they always need to be maintained. 

The ideal is to do it periodically, instead of waiting until there is damage that in the long run will be more detrimental to the structure and represent an unexpected expense in your pocket. Prevention is always better. 

That’s why Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage also offers our maintenance and repair services, so you can keep your signs in good condition for much longer. 

Contact us and purchase our commercial signage services!

Now that you know all the benefits of acquiring your commercial signs with us, it’s time to get in touch.  

Remember that we also have a LED conversion service, in addition to vinyl production and digital printing, so don’t wait any longer! 

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