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Protect your investment

Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage offers annual maintenance contracts to ensure the longevity of your installation and thus protects your investment. Our work is guaranteed, parts and labor as well

Manufacturing and Installation

Whether it is a single model or a series of several identical signs, all our signs are made from durable materials and are of excellent quality. We use the latest technologies to produce a wide variety of signs with exceptional precision.

The luminous signs we produce are all homologated and certified CSA and/or UL. All the electrical components of our signs and their assembly respect the industry’s highest standards of quality and safety.

Following the manufacturing of the signs and verification of its complete functions, a representative of Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage will contact you to determine the best time to install your sign.

Trained and experienced professionals will install the units with the utmost respect for your property. If you have any questions, comments or concerns during the installation, please do not hesitate to speak with our dedicated employees, they will be happy to answer any question or request.

Our work is guaranteed, parts and labor as well.

Repair and Maintenance

Your sign is exposed at all times to bad weather, accumulation of internal dirt, pollution and even vegetation inside. All these elements reduce the durability of the materials and its brightness. This is why your sign must be inspected, cleaned and maintained regularly by our expert Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage technicians.

Breaches or anomalies can occur during the life of your sign. We are aware that this is your image and that it is essential it remains in perfect conditions. Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage will quickly dispatch a team of technicians to carry out repairs. Our experienced technicians can work on all types of signs and can also advise you on maintenance and updates.

We offer a repair and maintenance services for all types of signs and exterior lighting. Our maintenance department ensures a prolonged life for your signs. Executed by our specialized expert technicians, maintenance includes inspections, repair, replacement of damaged parts and cleaning of your signs.

Creation and Graphic Design Service

Our graphic designers will create any signs you require to satisfy your needs and expectations. They will present you with different concept ideas to compare the impact of each visual and help you decide what your best option is. Their mission is to create the perfect sign for you!

Conversions to LED

A conversion to LED lighting primarily saves on your electricity consumption and the maintenance of your sign. This makes it an eco-friendly, sustainable and economical lighting technology. The LEDs we use are of superior quality, which ensures our customers perfect lighting for many years.

Vinyl and Digital Printing

Xénon Enseignes & Éclairage is able to redo any lettering or digital printing for your existing sign. Our graphic designers will provide you with the necessary support in order to create the visual for your project. Our technicians will take care of the removal of your old acrylic as well as the installation of your new visual.

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